November 11, 2007

Well, since I had a bit of trouble getting b2evolution to integrate with my existing Gallery2 installation, I decided to make a quick how-to.What do I have? b2evolution version 1.10.2, Gallery version 2.2.2 and the gallery2 plugin version 1.2. Both, b2evolution and Gallery, were installed with Fantastico de Luxe from my cPanel.What do I want? to be able to integrate my existing Gallery installation with my b2evolution so I can easily use the pics I already have in Gallery as part of my posts in b2evolution.What did I do?

  1. Download the gallery2 plugin version 1.2
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Upload gallery2_plugin directory to your plugins directory.
  4. Login to your b2evolution administration area.
  5. App settings -> Plugins -> Install (at the right side of Gallery2 plugin).
  6. Click on edit plugin settings (at the right side of the installer Gallery2 plugin).
  7. Leave “Use Single Sign On:” unchecked, in “Gallery2 Path:” I used ../gallery/ since my gallery installation is in, my b2evolution installation is in and it is supposed to be a relative path from your b2evolution installation directory (this won’t work as is, in Write -> G2Image it will popup an error complaining about not finding ttinymce index).
  8. Configure the “G2Image Default Display Settings” to your specific needs.
  9. Edit /plugins/gallery2_plugin/g2image/config.php line 66, it has: 
  10. $g2ic_gallery2_path = $gallerypath;
  11. and now it should have: 
  12. $g2ic_gallery2_path = “gallery/”;
  13. where “gallery/” is the path from your web root directory to your Gallery installation.
  14. Go to Write -> G2Image, now you can select the images you want to use from your gallery!

    If you intend to use lightbox functionality, you have to install and configure the Lighbox plugin first.I hope you found this how-to useful.

    21 Responses to “How to integrate b2evolution with Gallery2”

    1. Ian Lewis Says:

      Glad you could get the plugin to work for you. The change you made to the g2image config file and the directory structure you have would break single sign on but since you don’t use it it works out well. I hope to add support for the kind of directory structure you have out of the box in version 1.5 of the gallery2 plugin which I hope to release soon.

      Anyway, it looks like you are using wordpress now, but I hope any unpleasant experiences with the gallery2 plugin weren’t the reason for switching.

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