Los Angeles

Author: evilches
December 11, 2007

Los Angeles is treating me really well…. I apologyze for my lack of presence this week but, I’ve been too busy to write. Americans do work intensely, and so do I when I am among them, hehehe so haven’t had much free time to write, sorry guys.

What can I tell so far from my travel… well, I love DKNY rebates, I absolutely love MAC Cosmetics, and Fry’s is the best electronics shop ever, hehehe (and of course, my credit card hates me… )

I love living with Ivi (Ivan’s nickname), he’s just so lovely and caring about me that he makes me feel indeed loved. In fact I admire his HUGE patience, when I travel I have very little patience and loose my temper quite easily, but he manages to stay cool… he’s such a great guy…. priceless in fact, hehehehe for everything else…. American Express!!! LOL

Well…. today I am going to visit extra-famous Camarillo Outlet, it’s about an hour from LA, but I heard that it is really big and that it has very interesting rebates, so…. there I go, I will tell you later if it was as great as expected.

See you guys!


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