December 14, 2007

MAC Cosmetics opened a new store at the Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, California yesterday night. It looks beautiful as usual, and at a very convenient spot, since parking is only three dollars at the parking structures nearby or even free at the Macy’s Store in the Santa Monica Place. What did I dislike? The didn’t let me in!!! it was the big opening day, so they only accepted famous people, actually I saw Fernando Botero getting out of the store with a bag of purchases, so OF COURSE they didn’t let me in…. (sniff sniff…).

It is insanely great to have a new Mac Cosmetics in such a convenient spot!!! 😀 happy shopping girls!


3 Responses to “MAC Cosmetics – The Third Street Promenade”

  1. Golden Says:

    Hola! Acabo de ver tu post (Oh si unos.. 9 años despues)!!! 😀 Acabo de comprar un lipstick de la coleccion de Barbie el tono rosa de barbie y esta hermoso!!!! Aun sigues coleccionando Makeup de MAC? por que no pones una foto de todos tus tonos de lipstick/gloss?

  2. evilches Says:

    Que genial!!! Digamos que ya llené dos cuartos enteros con MAC makeup hahahaha… es sumamente adictivo… un dia de estos posteo fotos! 😀 Un abrazo! 🙂

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